About Diversity in Promotions (DIP)

Diversity In Promotions (DIP), headquartered in Dallas Texas, is a unique full-service procurement firm focused on strategic source planning, quotes, and source components and contracts. We work with suppliers across the globe providing operational reach into new markets. DIP provides affordable, user-friendly solutions to help cut processing and supply costs while strengthening compliance and control. Our relationships with various minority development councils, minority/women-owned businesses, corporations, financial institutions, trade organizations, churches, and athletes/entertainers, help create unparalleled bottom-line results.

What is Procurement?

Diversity In Promotions makes:

At DIP, we make strategic sourcing simpler, smarter, and more streamlined than ever before.  The goal is to develop sustainable relationships with our corporations and Tier-1 suppliers in order to deliver value-added and innovative solutions.​

Pre-purchase procurement involves:

• Defining your organization’s needs
• Conducting research on solutions offered by potential suppliers
• Determining which of your options poses the best opportunity for success

Procurement during a purchase involves:

• Negotiating terms with your chosen supplier
• Creating a purchase order
• Fulfilling your end of the agreement

Why DIP?

DIP has relationships with many Fortune 1000 companies

DIP has relationships with many Fortune 1000 companies and help
diversify their supply base source and conduct due diligence on potential suppliers to help them cross over from government to the private sector.

DIP has over 5,000 MBE / WMBE relationships

DIP has over 5,000 MBE / WMBE relationships spanning a variety of non- traditional industries and actively help them grow by introducing their products to major corporations.

This unique multi-layer platform will be integral in helping to identify the
most attractive business candidates and provide significant due diligence
support to evaluate potential growth opportunities, as well as provide a
hands-on role in executing organic growth avenues.

DIP has Relationship Managers across the U.S.

DIP has Relationship Managers across the U.S. and can easily connect with
business owners who are looking to scale their business.

We Make Your Business Life Cycle Easier

Forward Facing Client Interaction


Our multi-disciplinary approach and deep, practical industry knowledge, skills and capabilities help our clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities. Our approach addresses the full range of commitment needed to enable procurement to strategically support the enterprise’s growth and competitive objectives.

  • Create strategy and implement a robust operating model
  • Assist corporations in identifying diverse suppliers
  • Improve business performance
  • Turning risk and compliance into opportunities

Skills We Use

Strategy 95%
Client Interface 89%
Performance 97%
Talent Management 90%

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