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The DIP Advantage

Diversity In Promotions, INC (DIP) is a unique full-service marketing firm that combines general marketing and advertising with sports/entertainment events and diverse suppliers, in which business development and market share growth is provided to our clients. The DIP Advantage is available for all businesses and industries who are serious about sustainable and profitable operations, relative diversity and multicultural market penetration. DIP is the best in the industry at creating innovative and interactive marketing programs. Our relationships with minority/women-owned businesses, corporations, financial institutions, and athletes/entertainers, help create unparalleled bottom-line results in a new age of segmented marketing. From concept development to detailed planning and on-the-ground implementation, DIP help clients meet and exceed their targeted business objectives and embrace higher standards of performance metrics and relinquish prior established boundaries. With the growth in minority demographics, our marketing and promotions division insure future generations are captured though various campaigns, multicultural events and internet outreach.

  • DIP has relationships with many Fortune 1000 companies and help diversify their supply base source and conduct due diligence on potential suppliers to help them cross over from government to the private sector.
  • DIP has over 5,000 MBE / WMBE relationships spanning a variety of non-traditional industries and actively help them grow by introducing their products to major corporations.
  • DIP maintains a hearty database of the most popular athletes, entertainers, speakers, celebrities, and musicians, who we call on to assist in branding our clients' products.
  • DIP plays an integral role in identifying and evaluating opportunities and help accelerate growth for portfolio investments.
  • DIP is the founder of the Playbook Investors Network (PIN), which is a subscription-based, real-time, digital B2B exchange portal that exposes mutual business opportunities for minority-owned businesses to nationally recognized Certifying Agencies, Corporations, Private Investors, EB-5 Immigration Investors, Financial Institutions, Athletes / Entertainers and vice-versa. PIN is also an interactive information and training resource for diversity businesses to keep them abreast of solutions for next-level business engagement. 
  • This unique multi-layer platform will be integral in helping to identify the most attractive business candidates and provide significant due diligence support to evaluate potential growth opportunities, as well as provide a hands-on role in executing organic growth avenues.
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