Diversity In Promotions (DIP) is working with Major League Baseball (MLB) and has outlined how DIP can assist with improving the performance of several initiatives that have been undertaken.  DIP is assisting MLB 32 teams on a team by team basis in the following areas: Supplier Diversity Strategic Initiatives, MLB Diversity Business Summit and Youth Outreach.


Diversity In Promotions (DIP) and MCAM have a Strategic Alliance. The strategic alliance has aggressively pushed for advancements in the research, development and marketing of innovative technologies. Global procurement demand for such advancements in industry, education, security, government, and financial sectors has catapulted the importance of intellectual property in driving the growth of the knowledge economy to unprecedented levels.

Diversity In Promotions (DIP) has forged a long-term relationship with Toyota that has spanned 10 years. DIP has conducted multi-city tours focused on supplier diversity education via diverse business interaction among Toyota’s Large Suppliers and certified MBE/WBE and other Diverse businesses.  In both the San Antonio and Tupelo Mississippi Toyota plants, DIP engaged Toyota in creating an outreach and supplier mentor program that gained footing within the organization.  One of the areas created was an effective outlet for mentored and diverse suppliers where they could engage Toyota and learn about Toyota initiatives.  The suppliers were able to provide feedback to the company regarding issues particular to diverse suppliers that helped implement streamlined processes.  As a result, DIP helped developed a Supplier Diversity Forum to provide a platform where Diverse suppliers could receive current Toyota opportunities and adopt Toyota’s key pillars of business which ultimately helped the suppliers to become successful.


Diversity In Promotions (DIP) has helped Millennium identify other verticals and customers for the company. Assisted with Steel Administering and Executing the Steel Purchase Program to support automotive customers…$400 million in 2013. Provide avenue to meet minority purchase goals through sale of steel (highest cost component in an Automobile). Addressed steel ordering for direct and part makers.

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Diversity In Promotions (DIP)has worked with Synova carpets with growth strategy and business development via market penetration. DIP expanded Synova's existing products into emerging automotive markets. DIP has identified new verticals for Synova. DIP has helped to rebrand Synova and broadened the appeal of the company's offerings.

Synova Carpets

Diversity In Promotions (DIP) has had a Strategic Alliance with 3i Construction (3i) for 15 years and has helped the firm scale and grow.  3i is a full line construction company that specializes in project management, design build, pre-construction services, construction management, general contracting and tenant improvement.  3i manages a wide range of projects to ensure cost-conscious, quality construction, completed in a timely manner. 3i is committed to integrity and excellence, which is reflected in the company’s comprehensive range of services. 3i has custom tailored solutions designed for each client’s specific needs and requirements. 3i guarantees and stands behind the work performed. Their employees have a broad range of experiences in all types of commercial, industrial and municipal projects. As a successful contractor, 3i is focused on achieving consistent growth while maintaining a high standard of excellence. 3i operates efficiently with increasing bonding capabilities, becoming an even stronger company with each project. 3i’s success in construction, and ever increasing capacity, makes the company the perfect partner for a myriad of projects.

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Diversity In Promotions (DIP) has a Strategic Alliance with Terra Pacific Solar.  TPS is helping businesses with energy management and energy efficiency solutions, such as LED lights that conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions and increase their bottom line. Terra Pacific Solar (TPS) delivers turnkey renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions that reduce energy consumption and costs to a range of homeowners, commercial, government, and institutional building owners. TPS consistently delivers quality and innovation through energy efficient solutions that typically reduces energy costs by 30-50% for clients. The company focuses on a combination of services and equipment that yield maximum efficiency and optimum results. TPS is quickly becoming one of the most trusted green building services companies, partnering with industry leading installers, builders and architects across the nation. Terra Pacific Solar helps clients to fund energy efficiency improvements through a combination of cash flow from energy savings, incentives from utility companies, and financing options. terra pacific solar